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    I am from a very small town with population of about 120 people, i moved here from a town with 2,000+ people so my firefighter days consist of field fires and control burns. I am looking to find training for firefighter 1&2. A few firefighters on my department was able to get it for free has any one herd of this class? I am in the Pulaski County area and looking to be a full time paid firefighter in the next three years.


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    MRFTI offers lots of classes for free - FFi and II being one of them. Drop me an email at and i will send you his name and contact info. FREE classes are held all across the state all the time through MUFRTI

    Did I mention FREE?

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    As does the Mineral Area College Fire Academy out of Park Hills, MO...we recently had a recruit from Pulaski County come through the I&II program who did very well and enjoyed what the program had to offer.
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