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Thread: Fire doors Georgia

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    Default Fire doors Georgia

    Anyone know if this is a Georgia code requirement or just one city asking for the requirement???

    DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA -Albany Firefighters want business owners to remember they are required to have automatic door closure devices on their outside doors for fire safety.

    Look at how those flames are roaring into that window. That is the air being pulled inside and feeding that fire, making it even bigger and more intense. That is why there are building codes that businesses must have automatic door closure devices on their outside doors, to prevent that air from rushing into buildings on fire.

    Albany Fire Department Investigator Sam Harris said "So when the last person comes out of the door, what happens is it closes itself and seals itself off. So the fire can't get oxygen which therefore allows people a longer time to escape a burning building."

    Firefighters say some business owners disagree with building codes and inspectors requiring them to have those automatic closure devices, but say they will help limit the size of fires and could save lives.

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    The 2012 International Building Code 716.5.9 and 716.5.9.2 call for fire doors to be self-closing, and 701.1 of the International Fire Codes calls for those IBC codes to be followed. I can't speak for Dougherty, but our county adopts and references the IBC and IFC. Doesn't really say what the beef is, unless they are requiring them to be installed in buildings built before the code was adopted.

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    They are requiring them on EXTERIOR doors which is not normal

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    I wonder if the Albany Fire Marshal's Office is pushing the "I Say So" codes instead of the ICC codes......Wonder if they passed a local ordinance requiring the auto-closers on exterior doors.....interesting.
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