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    Default Extrication Awareness and Operations Powerpoints

    I have been asked to teach a class on extrication for my fire department. The class is to be two parts, awareness (2-3 hour lecture, and 4-6 hour hands on practice) and operations (two 3 hour lectures, and a full weekend of hands on).

    I'm trying to make a powerpoint for the awareness class to include the following:
    roles of the engine and rescue on an MVA, as well as EMS
    proper PPE
    tool abilities
    tool limitations
    vehicle construction
    internal car dangers
    external car dangers
    hazard mitigation
    anything else that should be in an awareness level clas

    Does anyone have an existing presentation that I can adapt and use for this class and an operations class? I can make one from scratch if I needed to, but I would rather not reinvent the wheel if I can avoid it.
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