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Thread: New Engine!

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    Default New Engine!

    Our new rescue engine finally arrived, and is now in service.

    Sorry for no pics-I don't have a digi camera...


    It was built by 4Guys, on a Spartan Gladiator chassis. 6 person cab w/raised roof. Firecom system.

    1750 gpm Hale Qmax w/a Foampro 2002 proportioner.

    Akron crank valves on all remote discharges.

    1000 gal poly tank w/dual foam cells.

    Stainless steel Rescue body, w/ 3 roll up door cpmts per side, and 1 in rear. coffin cmpts up top, with a pool ladder for access.
    Custom cmpts include:

    transverse under the rear crew seats, with slide out trays. We use these for fire extinguishers, in a grab and go arrangement.

    Transverse over the pump. For backboards, etc. Just a trifle too high for my taste, but there are big fold out steps right below.

    On the rear, between the cmpts and tank, are a compt for a hard sleeve ( driver's side), and for ground ladders, hooks and a second hard sleeve (Officer's side)

    Wheel well sleeves for SCBA tanks.


    2x 200' 1 3/4" crosslays in front bumper. These are placed towards the front of the bumper, leaving a 4-5" gap to the cab to allow for tilting. 2/3 of the hose tray is above the bumper, 1/3 is sunk in. This has a diamond plate cover. ( leaves room for the airhorns and Q2 to be mounted inside the bumper)

    1x 200' 2 1/2" crosslay

    1x 400' 2 1/2" leader line in rear hosebed.

    2000' of 5" in split beds.


    Diesel Generator. ( I THINK it's 7.5 kw, but don't quote me on that)

    Front brow light

    2 fixed LED floodlights per side

    2 750 watt pole raise floods- 1 per side mounted to back of cab.

    2 200' cord reels.


    Hurst tool system. Cutter, spreader, and ram mounted on slideout trays in rear cmpt. Power unit is there as well.

    This unit replaces another rescue engine and our old Pierce engine. ( we have 2 engines and a quint already, and thus a 3rd engine was basically redundant). Carries all of our rescue gear for MVA's, Water rescues, rope rescues, haz mat, etc. It's also a fully capable attack pumper with 1000 gal of water and class A foam.

    It's a bit of a beast, sizewise. 4 Guys did an awesome job on this truck. They built our last one as well, and we were and are well satisfied. I'm glad they won the bid- that's a good outfit.

    I love that Spartan cab- it's huge inside, and quiet as well. The compartments are massive as well, and very well organized. The angled pool ladder is a nice touch for accessing the coffin cmpts and main hosebed. We're in the snow zone, so the aggressive treads on the ladder are easy to climb.

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    Sounds like a well thought out units. I'm sure it's nice, we really were impressed with 4 Guys when we did our rescue pumper. Side mount pump panel? Also, when you say crank valves at remote discharges do you mean this is where all the opening and closing takes place, not at the panel?

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    Yeah, it's a regular mid mount pump.

    The valves are all on the pump panel. I meant the controls for the officer's side pump panel, the front bumper crosslays, the rear discharge, and the deck gun. We just specced these instead of electrics or the pull type ones with all the linkage. I like how they have a visual indicator for open/closed.

    The pump panel discharges have the regular horizontal Hale levers.

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    It sounds like you have built a very nice rescue pumper, what type of brakes and GVWR is on the rig with all of that equipment, water, and stainless steel body. Also is there a photo on the 4-Guys web site?

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    That, I don't know... It's a single screw rear end. Our truck committee does do a good job with chassis/ brake stuff, and we've not had any issues with them, yet. Our older 4Guys is also Stainless w/1000 gal, and our quint is stainless also. We've got some big hills around here, so that stuff is looked at VERY closely by the committee.

    I'll have to check 4Guy's site- I forgot to look...

    edit: Just looked at 4Guys' website, and our new rescue engine is not on there. Our last one was not either. Did a bunch of searching, and it's not on our website either... I wonder if you have to send them a photo?
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    Pics or it didn't happen...
    Nothing is as unimpressive as someone who is unwilling to learn.

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    Most of 4-Guys photos are taken at their facility prior to delivery to the customer. I find that they update it at least every couple of weeks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxAlarm187 View Post
    Most of 4-Guys photos are taken at their facility prior to delivery to the customer. I find that they update it at least every couple of weeks...
    Never mind- I just found it on 4 Guy's site! Look in the Custom Pumper section. It's the Honeoye Falls engine.

    Some corrections:

    10k Smart Power generator, and ONE reel, not two.
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