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    I'm going through the selection process for the first time. I just have the agility test and the interviews left. Here is the problem. I am in the running for 5 positions. 3 of which require you to be a paramedic. That means there are only 2 positions I qualify for. About 150 people were there on orientation day. 20 of them were already firefighters at different departments. Basically the odds aren't in my favor at all. Even though my chances are slim I'm not going to give up, but what I need to know is how can I tip the scales in my favor for the interview against people who are already firefighters?

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    Are you firefighter or ems certified?

    Speak up your past experience and show how it relates to the FD job

    Also suggest check this;;;

    How soon is the interview?? Practice with someone and record yourself
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