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    Default Structured Interview

    Here towards the end of the month I had a interview that the email said was going to be a "structured interview" and that it would in in a closed room with a computer screen and a camera this is my first time having to do a such an interview and I know that the people watching the video are grading you upon certain key terms and I was wondering if anyone on here has done one and if so what is some advice as to what theses people are looking for and I was also told the question where going to be scenario based any help would be great thanks !

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    They might show you a fire related scene, such as a child in a 2nd story window, and they want you to verbally respond as what you would say if you were there

    If something like that
    Listen carefully what is going on and respond properly

    Do not say I would do blah blah

    Say something like I am here to help you, we need to go down the ladder, your mom is waiting for you, or something along that line

    If they tell you you have a certain amount of time to respond, use most of it, do not say a coulple of sentences , them set there looking stupid

    Good luck

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    You also want to be prepared for the traditional interview questions. This is no different that a regular interview, with the exception of the fact that we do not have to hire Officers to sit and interview every candidate. This system allows us to keep our people on duty and be evaluated at a later time that is convenient for us.

    I would prepare for this just as if I were preparing for a traditional interview. For situational questions, I encourage candidates to answer in the following manner - here is what I am going to do and here is why I am going to follow this course of action.

    This allows the evaluators (whether live or recorded) to have no questions as to how you would handle each situation
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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