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    Default Battling Hose

    Battling Hose

    1 3/4 around a pole or post ROOKIE
    2 1/2 around a pole or post using a weighted vest Chief

    The Battling Hose produce these incredible results, because they introduce you to two new elements. The first element will train your mind and body to maintain power over a greater period of time. This power is a combination of strength and explosiveness:

    1-Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity

    2-Increased power and strength

    3-Increased power and strength for longer durations

    4-Increased motivation and mental endurance

    5-Increased performance in all aspects of your life

    Up and Down Waves
    If one of your goals is to build cardio strength, swiftly pull the hose (around the pole) by alternating your arms, or vigorously moving them up and down, as if you were drumming. This is to be performed while standing with your feet firmly planted on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine by bracing your core. This approach will amp up your metabolism, but if itís strength you seek, this can be accomplished by pulling the hoses at a slower speed, which will increase resistance.

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    I am a fan of using Battle Ropes or OOS Hose for conditioning.

    Especially the double hand slam superset with some type of lower body movement such as kettlebell swing or goblet squat for a minimum of 20 minutes or more. The double hand slam is a total body movement with alot more power output than alternate single hand slams.

    Easy on the body, too.

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    . This is to be conducted while status with you strongly placed on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Be sure to maintain a fairly neutral backbone by expecting your primary.

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