As a fitness trainer, I have heavily researched the CPAT and put together a new training program that I believe will guarantee (given adequate time in relation to candidate fitness level) passing the CPAT or Physical Test. This is not a how-to book or a dvd, but a hands-on planned workout program led by a fitness trainer. I am curious as to how to become a CPAT proctor and was wondering how/if that is possible as I am not a firefighter. Would it be a conflict of interest since I also train firefighters to pass the CPAT? Also, I know Cooper Aerobics in Dallas has a firefighter trainer certification and I am am currently certified through Cooper's personal trainer program but I was told the firefighter personal trainer was really more of a marketing strategy and wouldn't really convey any additional knowledge. Given all that, how can I best add credentials (or hire people those credentials) to back the knowledge of my business? I'm not opposed to traveling out of town but also don't want to waste time collecting letters after my name that don't really mean anything in fire service fitness. THANKS FOR ANY AND ALL ASSISTANCE!!!