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    Default Interesting quote

    I found this portion of the Firehouse Interview of Chief Ray Colburn (ret.), Reedy Creek Emergency Services particularly fascinating...

    "I am a servant leader; I believe that part of my job is to serve not only the community, but serve those who I lead as well by doing the best that I can do. You see, if I do my job right, I take care of my employees by providing them with the best equipment, good benefits, a safe environment and an example of integrity. I have just two books on my desk, Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual and The Bible and I use both of them frequently."

    Too bad more chiefs don't seem to feel this way.
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    All fire service supervisors have a great responsibility towards the people they lead (or are supposed to be leading). While it is important for firefighters to answer to their leaders, it's even more important for leaders to be able to answer to their firefighters.
    Setting the right example goes a long long way and I think too many so called leaders forget this.

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    Servant leadership has suffered a downturn in this country. It was only a matter of time before those coming up in the fire service did not employ such a concept, because they had not been taught it.
    We do not rise to the occasion. We fall back to our level of training.

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