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Thread: Diver Decontamination (Tender Protection)

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    Default Diver Decontamination (Tender Protection)

    What are other dive teams using to protect their dive tenders from biological (body fluids) and chemical ((fuel i.e.: gas, diesel and oil)) contaminants as the work with assisting diver out of water?

    Iím trying to evaluate different protection for varied temperature and exposure.

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    It is normally up to the Dive Safety Officer to make a determination on increased PPE for support personnel. In the past we have had the guys wear everything from Medical gloves all the way up to full level B HM protection.
    On most dives we consider the water lightly contaminated. So the divers are fully covered in Drysuits, drygloves, and a full face mask.

    Line tenders frequently wear work gloves with medical gloves under them. For cold weather ops we have offshore waterproof (but not water tight) gloves, like an offshore fisherman would wear. Our guys working a decon line are the ones who can go all the way up to Level B suits.

    It is something we are working on. I would agree it is silly to have a tender in street cloths with a pfd and have the divers go over to decon where they are dressed in Level C.

    One thing we are very strict on is handwashing with soap and water or waterless handcleaner after working with the gear
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