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    Default Aspiring Austin Firefighter.

    I'm currently going to school in Arizona for fire science but ultimately I want to get on with Austin FD. I'm from Texas and miss it and Austin is really the only place I want to be. I know Austin is a very competitive department to get on with but this is plan A and B for me. My plan is to apply whenever the next hiring is. I didn't apply this recent time because I feel I wasn't ready physically for it. I've recently stepped up my working out and by the next hiring I'll also have my EMT-B certification. I have a few questions I hope some people on here will be able to answer.

    Once I finish up the EMT program I'll be eligible to take the Arizona and National certification test. Will Texas recognize my certification or will I have to take the Texas test and if so where can I go to get information on the the Texas test to see if the class I take in AZ will make me eligible to take it?

    Does anyone have any recommendations on websites or books I can read to study for the Austin written test?

    I can not see myself doing anything else. Being a firefighter is all I've wanted to do since I was a little kid. Any opinions or comments anyone has that can help me out is more then welcome.

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    Guess you have not been reading the posts on the current hiring process

    Not a good idea to limit testing to one dept, suggest go ahead and test for Austin, but test with other depts. if you get hired somewhere else, you can always test for Austin after that

    For tx cert:: call the state


    For emt call;; dshs. Thier site is down or else could give you a good link


    Try this next week


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    Besides Austin if you get paramedic the competition goes way down


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