I'm a new volunteer at a small volunteer dept in southern Pennsylvania. We're a relatively close-knit crew (and close as a county in all), but it's no secret we're far from perfect. We (myself included) could use training in aspects of the fire service and health in general. A healthy lifestyle benefits firefighters in their personal lives and does nothing but positively benefit the station as a whole.

So, when I get voted into the company next month (from probie period to full-fledged member), I'm considering bringing up a wellness program suggestion. I'm planning to work with some trainer friends I know and develop some kind of work out plan to present to the members of our company. Obviously I'd make it a volunteer thing and see who likes it at first and go from there. Maybe even open it up to other companies in the county to check out.

My thing is, I'm not trying to step on toes or offend people. In my company, new members can run committees and fundraising events, so I'm not too worried about a speaking out of turn kind of situation. However, I'd like a little insight from anyone who may have a program like this at their company on how to organize it and present it to the company.

Thanks for any input yall! Much appreciated!