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Thread: Telpher Line

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    Default Telpher Line

    I was asked to look up a telpher line. Not much about it on the net. Does anyone know where I can find some info? It looks like a high directional line from what I could find.


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    We don't use that term, but it is the tension mainline of a highline system. "Telpher line" because that is what the "Telphers" or carriage travels on. Commonly the Telphers, or carriage, is going to be a pulley or Kootney pulley. The Telpher's line is a static; anchored and tensioned line, that does not travel with the load unlike a hauling or lowering system. Think of it as an inverted roller coaster that hangs below the track (telphers, as the track is stationary and train moves) vs. a ski lift (attached directly to a moving cable).

    For information on the term I would look into European mountain rescue websites.
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    Copy that. Tanks Drew...

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