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    Default Another "How Should I Have Answered Question"

    This was the question "A Female FF shows up for work 10 minutes late, and smelling of alcohol, and bragging about Her night out partying. She is obviously impaired. The captain tells her to go sleep it off....what would You do?"

    I answered by stating the obvious, that it was unacceptable to have her in the building while under the influence for the obvious hazards She causes the other FF's and the general public. To finish I said I would tell the captain She has to go home, and left it at that.

    Did I hang myself by not adding that I would go over his head if he didn't act?

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    I don't think you hanged yourself but it'll would've been good to add? Have you found out the results of your interview?

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    Really, you TOLD the Captain? Where I come from, recruit firefighters DO NOT tell Captains what to do.

    This is a classic example of having the right answer but the wrong delivery.

    There are a couple of things to clarify. I would ensure that I believed she was under the influence of alcohol and that it was not cough medicine or something of a similar nature (gather the facts!!!!)

    Assuming this is all as it appears then ,you are absolutely correct, she cannot be at work. The days of putting someone to bed and allowing them to remain on duty are long gone. She must be relieved from duty.

    Just one other thing to consider: If she is too impaired to work, she is too impaired to drive home. She will be tested for drugs and alcohol (depending on the department's policy and the MOU between the agency and the Firefighters' association).
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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