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    Default Joining the FDNY

    I am 18 years of age and ever since I was a baby it was my dream to become a fireman and work in the FDNY. I honestly think its just not to be though. The odds are totally against me. First off, I am 18 and from Ireland. I need to become a US citizen and I understand that. If I move to NYC and got citizenship, I am afraid that it will be to late. I will be about 27/28 when I become a citizen. They might not be hiring and I will be to late. Is 28/29 a good age to join or is it to old?

    I have asked a few guys on the job over there if there is any Irish in the FDNY and they have came back and said ''loads''. I meant was there many Irish born on the FDNY? Is there any on the job? I need to find out and I'd really appreciate it.

    It ****es me off so much because its what I want to do since I was a baby and I need to get out of this country(Ireland). I fell in love with New York and its where I want to be. Its great over there and it looks an amazing job. I want to do it for many reasons. I want to have a job that excites me when I get up in the morning and have no idea what the day is going to bring. I want to feel that adrenaline rush when you get on the truck with the lights and sirens. I want to continue the Irish tradition in the FDNY. I want to have the chance to prove myself to guys that I would eventually like to call my family and my brothers and guys who I'd risk my life to save. I want to have the banter with the lads in the house. Above all else, I want to help and save people and make a difference. Its what I want to do and its annoying because the chances are, I cant.

    Is there any way possible? I'd do anything. I was thinking of maybe becoming an EMT as you don't need citizenship(I think). I'd do that job for 5 years and try get promoted to firefighter. Is it easier to do it that way do you think? I was even considering joining the US army to get the extra points to join and the citizenship quicker. It sounds really hard to get in and I am trying to find ways to better my chances. Also, it says you have to be a US citizen on day of hiring. Is that in probie school or what?

    Its what I want to do guys. I want to be a fellow brother. I want to earn your respect and I am willing to work for it and listen and learn. The only problem is that I don't think its possible. So guys, whats my chances? Is the EMT a good route to go? Cheers!!!!!

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    It's possible. You only need to be a citizen at the time of appointment, aka when they are ready to offer you a job.

    If you really want to do it then get a work visa, become an EMT and get hired by FDNY EMS. Work there while waiting to get your citizenship and see what happens. As long as you take the test before you turn 29 you're okay on the age front.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonfdny7 View Post
    I want to have the banter with the lads in the house.
    And I thought I was Irish

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    What do you mean mate?

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