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    Default Rank and Grade Identifiers

    I was just curious as to what other departments are using as a system to signify rank and grade while on a fire scene. Ours is below.

    Junior Firefighter Program:
    Yellow Helmet w/ Yellow Shield. (Not permitted to ride with a crew or chief, only permitted at training details)

    Recruit/Probationary Firefighter:
    Black Helmet w/ Red Shield. Does not denote station assignment.

    Black Helmet w/ Black Shield denoting station assignment. This is the bulk of the department and is all front line, non supervisory firefighters. Generally falls in the 1-7 years of service.

    Advanced Firefighter:
    Black Helmet w/ Blue Shield denoting station assignment and grade. Firefighters who have a minimum of 4 yours in service as well as advanced training in operations, heavy and technical rescue, and command structure. These are eligible to be supervisory firefighters and lead an engine or truck company in the absence of a LT or Capt.

    Black Helmet w/ White Shield denoting station and rank. Obviously immediate supervisory role with overall direction of a singular company or station.

    Assistant Chief/Chief Of Dept.:
    White Helmet w/ Gold Shield denoting rank.

    Safety Officer:
    Black Helmet w/ Green Shield and Markings.

    Training Academy Staff:
    Orange Helmets to denote instructor.

    Thanks all and stay safe.
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    Try doing a search on this topic. They has been several posts or thread about the same subject.
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    My department: Buchanan Engine Co. No. 1
    Houses 2 Engine Companies (E-160/161), 1 Rescue Co. (R-26), 4 Utility vehicles [ U-4(Bus), U-12(Cascade/Light), U-100 (Trailer) and U-??? (Former chiefs car no unit number yet), and 1 Marine unit (M-26)

    Explorer(14-16): black helmet with blue tets and explorer post #255 shield

    Probationary FF(16-18): Black helmet with an orange FDNY style probie shield

    Active FF(18 and up) Standard Black helmet with any of three possible ways 1)Unit number 2) badge number 3) standard dept shield

    2nd Lieutenant:black helmet with a yellow shield with a blue 26

    1st Lieutenant:black helmet with a yellow shield with a black 161

    Lieutenant:black helmet with a yellow shield with a Black 160

    Captain:black helmet with a red shield

    Assistant Chief: White Helmet denoting rank

    Chief Of Dept.: White Helmet w/ Gold Shield denoting rank

    Ex/ Deputy Chief: black helmet with white shield

    Safety Officer: blue helmet blue shield

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    My company...

    Engineer (driver/operator) - red helmet white shield.
    Officer - yellow helmet white shield.
    Chiefs - white helmet white shield
    FF's - black helmet white shield

    Other company in town...
    all black helmets, shields are red/yellow/white. Except chiefs, they wear white helmets.

    I prefer the colored helmets over the colored shields. Can't see what color shield from side or rear.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    We all look the same, cuts down on the worry about who's *** gets kissed on scene.

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    Explorers- Yellow helmets, yellow shield, yellow tets.
    Probationary FF- Black helmets, orange shield, orange tets.
    Firefighter/EMT- Black helmet, Black Shield, yellow tets
    Firefighter/Paramedic- Black helmet, blue shield, blue tets.
    Lieutenant/Captain- Red helmet, black shield, yellow tets.
    All chiefs- White helmet, white shield, yellow tets.

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