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    Default Fire and Police Selection Inc. (FPSI) 10th edition exam questions?

    I am due to take the FPSI exam on July 13th 2013 I'm looking for any info and pointers for the exam. I am aware of the obvious (note cards, read the book, etc)

    looking for specifics to better prepare myself. Also if anyone who has taken this exam more than once knows how many different versions of this test it would be much appreciated.

    if there is a certain section of the book i should take note of.

    I am also hoping to get some feedback on the Don McNea Exam prep package for this exam.

    any and all tips would be appreciated greatly!

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    I have taken it twice for the same city. It sure seemed like both times it was the same test.

    I never had any questions concerning the salaries section, other than that it was pretty much a little of everything.

    The only way I could learn as much as possible was going through it once reading and highlighting then making notecards after that. I think I had about 200-300 notecards with 2 questions on each, sometimes being able to make a whole paragraph of info into a few sentence question.

    I always focus on most other things that have definitions, numbers etc. The most recent time I took the test I missed a few questions, I believe they were from the chapter concerning procedures (staging etc).

    Sorry, don't have much other info for you. Sounds like you are on the right track. Just keep drilling the material over and over, a month will hopefully provide plenty of time to do so.

    Good luck!

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    ok, thanks! I've taken it once and seeing if it would be the same or similar questions just maybe mixed up order.

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    Go to the link below for exam prep and test taking strategies for the Fire and Police selection (FSI) 10th edition.

    Good luck !!


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