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    Default June 17th... remember fallen Brothers...

    Today is the 41st Anniversary of the Hotel Vendome Fire. 9 Boston Firefighters died (June 17th 1972). It is also the 12th Anniversary of the "Fathers Day Fire" which killed 3 FDNY Firemen (June 17th 2001). Never Forget!

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    I remember studying the Vendome fire in my associate degree class and then reading more about it later. Tragic loss of life. Remembering those Brothers.

    I admit to being pathetically inadequately informed about the Father's Day Fire. I believe there was an explosion and collapse, but my memory is fuzzy. I mean no disrespect and believe me I will read up on this fire tonight when I get home from teaching. I can't help but feel of the many days that would be hard to lose your father at a fire this had to be at the top. Remembering these Brothers too.
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    June 17th also the second anniversary of the death of Corey Shaw, DuQuoin IL Fire dept.

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