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    Default Illinois Preference Points Laws

    I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the Illinois state laws. As far as preference points for exsperiance goes. A department has denied my request for preference points for the following reason. My academy was not an in house academy. It was a weekend academy over a six month period. I have never had this issue before. I have my OSFM FF Illinois state certification. Does anyone have any more information?

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    looks like they should or hr should have a written policy


    •Award a minimum of 10 and up to 30 preference points for categories including: fire cadet training, paramedic licensure, residency, education, and an additional category for unique background and/or experience

    one cities policy::

    3. Experience Preference Points (maximum 5 points)
    All applicants employed by the Huntley Fire Protection District who have been paid-on-premise or part-time Illinois State certified Firefighter-Basic, State of Illinois or nationally licensed EMT-B or EMT-I, licensed paramedic, or any combination of those capacities may be awarded preference points for their experience. One half (0.5) point will be awarded for each year of completed service.
    Applicants from outside the Department who were employed as full-time Illinois State certified firefighters or Illinois State certified firefighter-paramedics by a fire protection district or municipality for at least 2 years may be awarded one point for each two years of service up to the maximum available preference points for this category at the Board’s discretion. No experience preference points will be awarded under this Section to applicants for service with a private employer who had a contract for fire or ambulance service with a fire protection district or municipality. The Board will award preference points based on completed years of service.
    Proof of such service must include submission of copies of applicable certificates and a sworn affidavit by the applicant (see Form F). Note that proof of full-time service may be verified by the Department. Applicants may be awarded up to a total of five (5) preference points, at the Board’s discretion.
    A candidate may not receive the full amount of experience preference points under this subsection if the amount of points awarded would place the candidate before a veteran on the eligibility list. If more than one candidate receiving experience preference points is prevented from receiving all of their points due to not being allowed to pass a veteran, the candidates shall be placed on the list below the veteran in rank order based on the totals received if all points under this subsection were to be awarded. Any remaining ties on the list shall be determined by lot.


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    I have another question as far as age goes. I will turn 35 at the end of August.How long can I test for? Will my applications be denied after that? What about the lists that I am on now. Will I be considered inelgible? I have been part-time since 2009.

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    Preference points vary, dept. by dept. It's a standard that they can set. Some dept's do not have to give preference points.

    As far as testing, that also depends on the department. They can set their own age restrictions, some are set at 35, Chicago is 38, and there are some that have no age restriction(Few and far between due to pension issues). The only way you can break the age restriction barrier is if you have active military or you have been full time with another municipality. Working for a contract does not count.

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