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    Default Rapid intervention officer on the fireground?

    What role does your rapid intervention officer play on the fireground? Do they stay with the crew or possibly near the incident command and away from the crew?. Do they leave to complete a 360 size-up, or send a team member out while making sure all of the equipment is in order and the incident command knows they are standing ready? If the team is deployed, are they hands-off or hands-on when it comes to downed firefighter rescue?

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    SOP for us is to stage at or near the CP with the members and equipment. If I personally am the FAST Company Officer, will take a 360 of the building if feasible and get a feel for the operations in progress, the building construction and extent of the fire. I may take a Senior Man with me just to have a second set of eyes for my FAST size-up. If I see any conditions that could be improved- such as doors that could be opened or ladders raised to effect better, more efficient emergency access/egress I might suggest to the IC to let us raise them or force them or ask the manpower officer to have that done if extra hands are around.
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    Our FAST response is spit into at least 2 teams. 1 being a search, other being a rescue. FAST officer goes to command post and stays there...their job is to relay communications and such. Search team will have an officer, rescue team will have an officer. A member from each team will do a 360 together and report back to the rest of the team. If openings need to be cleared, ladders placed, etc the rescue team does that.

    Our FAST officer stays at command post.
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