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    Default Apparatus for blocking on limited access roadways

    In the last few weeks, I have seen a number of photos showing emergency vehicles blocking the scene on expressways, highways or freeways. The photos have included everything from a utility truck to a ladder truck to a tanker or even a dedicated "highway blocker" vehicle with the water-filled safety barriers.

    What does your department send to block roadways and what are the pros and cons of one vehicle over the other.


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    We don't have as many apparatus to choose from as many departments. We own 3 pumpers, 1 tanker, a light rescue, a utility pickup, and an ambulance that has been converted to a command post.

    We cover ten miles of a busy 4-lane highway. If we need apparatus for scene blocking, we typically respond with whatever isn't committed to the actual response. For example, a vehicle fire will probably get two engines, and then we can block with the tanker.

    This is a major issue for us now that we have experienced an LODD in the county, when Asst. Chief Christa Burchett was struck by a coal truck on icy roads while working an MVC. In addition to blocking with vehicles, we're attentive to wearing safety vests and utilizing cones and electronic flares for traffic management.
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    Get the cops and the highway dept. out there as soon as you can is another option.

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    Dedicated company to block. Full size apparatus- either engine or truck.
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