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    Smile Firefighting in Canada

    Hello guys I was hoping that someone might be able to shine some light on this matter. I'm a American working for a Dept here in Florida and my wife is a Canadian. I have been on the job for over ten years with this dept and at the age of 35, What does or will it take for a Firefighter/EMT like myself to get a job across the boarder. We have been talking about moving up there to Ontario near her home town, would like to still work in fire service. I have applied for the City of Windsor On. and has never heard back. Wondering if there is anything I can do to make myself more marketable. Thanks for any input. Be safe out there!!

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    That's a tough one for you. As in most states, You would have to be a Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work here. There is no accomodation or "points" for service or credentials... Everyone has to take part in the recruiting process from start to finish, regardless if they are already serving or not, though experience does help in the interview stage.

    The competition is brutal too, as I imagine it is in most places in the states as well. The costs are also harsh, as their is no uniform standard for written and physical testing as of yet, although it is supposed to be coming.

    If you have your NFPA's, they will be recognized, but your EMT may be another story... There is a process in place to recognize and give credit to international certs, but good luck getting Onterrible to do it.... They make it next to impossible to tranfer a Paramedic or EMT license from another Canadian Province, even though it has been mandated by the Federal Gov't!

    Lastly, Windsor is a tough nut to crack... They are one of the few remaining "who you know" vs "what you know" Dept's. My advice is to apply to as many as you can afford to, then look at moving to where you want after. The upside, is that with a new mandated retirement age of 60 for all suppresion FF's, hiring should really pick up soon!

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    Thanks for the info bud, Yeah its been tough, I've applied all over Ontario but with little success. But I did find out that my in-laws do know the Fire Chief so now I plan on making trip up there to kinda do a meet and greet. But no worries I enjoy where I'm at. Thanks again.

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