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    Default Health Incentive Programs

    I am currently researching results based incentive programs that award participants for meeting specific and measurable health criteria. I have proposed to my Police and Fire Health Trust board members that we institute a program that is based on a Metabolic Syndrome Score, which our members are already receiving from our annual physicals, to determine how much credit a participating member can receive towards their annual premiums. The result I'm hoping for is motivation for an increase in overall health of our trust members and a reduction in long term trust costs. I have found a few large scale studies that support the benefits of health incentive programs, but these studies lack details that my trust board members want in order to move forward.

    Does anybody out their belong to or know of a health trust or employee health insurance program that offers results based incentives? So far, a whole lot of googling, phone calls, and emails has come up with nothing. Any leads anybody can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Not sure if any of the nfa Efo's have written any papers, might check there

    Also have you checked any private companies ??

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    Thanks for the links. I already came accross a couple of them, but the livestrong article references a Harvard Busness Review Study that I found helpful. The problem I'm finding, however, is all of the information out there is incredibly general and mostly from the corporate world. What my trust board wants to see, is actual numbers from Fire and/or Police health plans that show where incentives showed a direct reduction in costs. Also, I'm looking for exact criteria used to rewards incentives and the $ amount of those incentives.

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