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Thread: Tower Ladder Rescue

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    Default Tower Ladder Rescue

    Anyone know of any online resources for learning tower ladder rq techniques? Specifically involving a stokes basket and a balcony situation?

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    you might try a few different words on this site::

    maybe stokes basket or

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    Try here. Not sure if it is in here or not.

    At work we are able to use the repealing arm that attach to the basket. we lash the pt in the stokes just like you would for any vertical rescue. Then lash the stokes onto the repealing arms and anchor points in the basket, Mulitple points and a back up. As with any victim removal with a tower ladder you want to place the basket lower then the target. (i.e if removing from a window place the top rail of the basket an inch below the window sill. Do not use the doors)
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    Not quite sure how high of a balcony you are discussing, but I'd consider a ladder hinge or ladder slide. These "old school" tricks of trade have fallen out of favor but are great to have up you sleeve because, inevitably, someone will need to be taken out of a 2nd or 3rd story balcony on the backside of garden apartments with no tower ladder access.
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