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Thread: Flir K50 TIC

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    Default Flir K50 TIC

    Has anybody purchased or tried out the Flir K50 thermal imaging camera? We are currently evaluating new TICs and the Flir looks very promising from a feature and price stand point, but, I can't get one for an evaluation or even a demo. Particularly if any dept in the Chicago or Northern IL area has purchased one that we could come out and check out their camera that would be very helpful. Not going to buy something without trying it out first. And yes, I have contacted Flir, and there are no vendors in our area and they don't have any demo units to send out.

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    There is no support for the K50. Its cheap but that is pretty much it.
    This is the third time FLIR is trying to get into the fire market. They were partners with Scott but I believe Scott dropped them several years ago. The K50 is basically re-engineered industrial thermal camera i think called the FLIR E60. Google Flir E Series for more info on it.

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    My FD has Bullard T-max and ISG thermal imagers. My personal preference is the ISG.
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    We have 3 Scott's.

    So far they have worked well and we have had only a couple of minor issues.
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    We've used Bullard since we started using TICs, and were the first department in our region to get them. The T9 is pretty good, but we had an isg demo a few years ago and it was VERY impressive. While I understand you're looking at price as a factor, consider the support and warranty, lest you spend many times over what you originally paid.
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    We have 6 MSA 5000 series (5000/5100/5200) in use. Not had any problems with them and they are very simple to use.
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    Hello LFPDLT,

    Did you end up purchasing a FLIR K50? If not, I can assist with your request. I know the thread is a little old but let me know what's going on and I can assist.


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