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    Default Job offer, but potential Academy conflict

    I recently received a conditional offer of employment from a department I've been working through the hiring process for. Needless to say I am thrilled and ecstatic, but the fiancÚ raised one question.

    The date of the academy to start is soon, but my wedding is coming up and on a Sunday in an entirely different state. At what point to I ask the important question of possibly needing to miss one day due to travel? Is it out of the question? Is it understood that in cases like this the date has been planned for months?

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    Get married, take a red eye home. I know it's gonna suck and it isn't ideal but worth it. Also, missing a day of the academy varies so much department by department. They'll probably go over this type of stuff day one. Feel it out and make the best choice.

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    Ya know,...of the five times I've gone through the hiring process, one or more of the components of the hiring process ended up landing in the middle of a vacation we planned many months before any notice of hiring was announced, on three separate occasions. And now, I'm beginning yet another hiring process, with yet another vacation scheduled many months prior to the announcement of hiring. Taking the last hire I was a part of into account, and the actions I took upon receiving my date for 'x' part of the process (that happened to be right in the middle of a vacation),...here's how I handled it:

    (Before I continue, I will add the fact that not only do I place each and every step of a given hiring process priority to anything else going on, my entire family understands my dedication and focus on becoming a FF, and adapts dynamically when plans have to change.)

    We scheduled a cruise for my Father-in-Law for his 70th Birthday, many, many months in advance, maybe even a year. I later became involved in the hiring process for a Dept. that I really wanted to be a part of, several months after the cruise was planned. I ended up receiving an email with my interview date and time, which happened to be a few hours after our plane was to leave for the departing cruise port. One day earlier would have been perfect. I called HR, and politely explained my situation, detailing the priority I place on becoming a FF, but also stating that we had spent many thousands of dollars that are nonrefundable for a trip for my F-I-L's 70th. The woman on the other end became almost frantic, saying "OH NOO, NO, NO,...we'll find a solution! Don't worry! I can reschedule you for the day after you come back. Will that work?!" I was so worried making that call. I feared "I'm sorry, if you can't make the scheduled interview, you'll be eliminated from the hiring process." Not the case at all.

    My advice? How could you have known the exact start date for the academy? If you had, I'm quite sure you would have scheduled your wedding at a different time. Call HR, (or the Dept. itself) and explain the plans you set in motion many months ago, and that you'll be back on Day Two of the academy, fresh and frosty. I doubt there will be any problems, but you may have to make up that day somehow. Good luck, and congratulations on your marriage!

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    I echo Thank you 4 your time's advice.

    Only thing I would add from my experience is to make sure you come prepared with some solutions to making up the time when making the request... Getting material ahead of time, staying late another day, making up the content covered with another recruit, etc. Show them that you are going to go out of your way to make up the missed time and that you don't take missing time lightly.

    Each department will handle it differently though, but they have personal lives too. Oh, also I'd try to have the conversation in person if possible, but some places that's impossible to do or more of an inconvenience to them.

    Good luck and congrats on both accounts!
    Nothing is as unimpressive as someone who is unwilling to learn.

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    I cant speak for this specific department, but I would wager that they will have zero issue with this.

    It would be one thing if you needed time off to attend a wedding, but this is your wedding. Big difference. I doubt they would be cold hearted about this.

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    Get married, take a red eye home. I know it's gonna suck and it isn't ideal but worth it. Also, missing a day of the academy varies so much department by department. They'll probably go over this type of stuff day one.

    """Feel it out and make the best choice."""""

    seems like best answer, do not take it for granted, some acadmey's are not flexable.

    You are talking about your future in two ways!!!!!!!!!! do you want to be married and no fd job, or do you want to be married and maybe take a honeymoon at a later date?

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    It does not hurt to ask, however be prepared for the worst case answer. Many many departments (especially old-school Depts like Philly, FDNY, etc.) expect nothing less than 100% attendance at Proby Schools. The ONLY thing I have ever heard as a permissible excuse was the birth of a child for which the subject received three days off, however the material covered had to be made up and all homework for those days had to be submitted the day he returned. I have also heard of one-day excuses for family funerals- and the entire class showed up to the funeral on a Dept bus to show solidarity as a team to the member who had lost their family member.

    It may or may not be fair, however if they say no- their attitude will most likely be "You knew you were a potential candidate when you made your wedding plans, you should have taken this into consideration, boo hoo for you."
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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    DO NOT MISS THE ACADEMY FOR ANY REASON! While they will probably give you the time off, you risk missing what was taught that particular day. The academy will be hard enough to complete (most departments have a 35-40% failure rate). You do not want to do anything to weaken your chances.

    I have been married for 22 years and certainly understand the value of marriage. Good luck with your decision!!
    Paul Lepore
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