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    Default Help Hurst pump down

    I would like to ask for help from all the great firefighters and departments. Our neighboring fire department's Hurst extracation pump just went down. They had it looked out and it's not repairable.

    I would like to ask if anyone have a good used but super cheat hurst 5000psi pump or one they would like to donate to this rural fire department. They have auto aid with our fire department and two ours. We only have one other extracation unit in the county and there either not avaible or 30 minutes out. This department is small and has very little money and can't afford a new pump. They will be applying for a new pump with AFG but that could take a year from now IF then get awarded. My department budget is under $8,000 per year so we can't help much. All the departments in the area are small rural and poor.
    Please help if you can or if you know of any fire department that can.

    Thank you

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    Contact the National Firefighters Endowment, they may be able to help.

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