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    Question Lots of questions from a newbie

    Hi everyone, first post/thread here although I read the magazine often at the firehouse. I have been working as a firefighter for the last 13 years in Chicago. Some of my previous jobs were as a cop and a carpenter. My first year on the dept. I was on an engine and after that I went to a truck. We are usually in the middle of the pack as far as fire time goes in the end of the year totals. I love my house and company but a friend of mine has been in the fire investigation side for several years has continually asked me to come over there. I am seriously considering this at this point in my career. My buddy has said that with the international license and working for the CFD as an investigator that there are a ton of opportunites to get hired on either a different dept or a side job with insurance companies. I realize that to get the international license i would need to be there probabply around 5 years or so which is not a problem if I like it, obviously . The bosses need to like me as well. Now I am thinking long term here. Are there that many opportunites for investigators with good experience? I am probably going to get a short term detail there where I would feel out the job and the bosses would get a read on me. I am also looking at getting the pros and cons of the job from people who are in that field now. I have been talking it over with alot of old timers and officers but I figure any other info would be great. As far as the whole next job thing, I was thinking more along the lines of doing my 20-25 years here and retiring and maybe getting a job where the extra income could help pay for my kids college. Any thoughts?? thanks in advance.

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    It is a good field to learn

    Yes there are private jobs available

    The job has gotten a little more complicated lately.

    But, with you hopefully you will get the most up to date training, if you do that you will be ok.

    It has become a detail oriented job, so write good detailed reports.

    As you say if you can detail there for a couple years, you can see if it is got you

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