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Thread: An all nighter of fighting fire AND pulled someone out!

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    Default An all nighter of fighting fire AND pulled someone out!

    I only have a few weeks left of my probationary year and its been crazy! Had a crazy night of fire, after fire, after fire! Man it was a wild night! Never in my life did i think I would actually get an opportunity to pull someone out of a fire.. But BAM! Go out on a working "vacant" house fire.. Doing a primary search and all of a sudden.. Feet.. Legs.. Holy **** a guy! Pull him out with my officer and start CPR in the yard.. Last I heard he was in and out... I'm living the dream I've been chasing for years! Only a few more weeks and I'm hopefully out of probation, and starting a long career! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here.. Even if I wasn't the one asking the questions, reading all your helpful advice as helped tremendously!
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    congratulations keep working hard and good luck the rest of the way
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    Imagine that. You guys searched a "vacant" structure and found someone. Good Job.
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    That's awesome! I will never forget the first and only grab I made so far. You feel the person and you think oh %$#^ this isn't rescue randy... haha I have never done any drugs but if that's what it is like I would be an addict for sure.
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    That's awesome and you'll never forget it. Be thankful your getting some work in as a candidate. Some guys go that whole first year without a job. I remember my first night on my very first tour out of the academy we caught a job in a 2.5 story 100 year old ballon frame single family with heavy fire blowing out of the attic. I can remember that fire like it was this morning but it was back in June of '99. Good luck and stay safe brother.
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