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Thread: limerick

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    The tone went out for a situation so dire
    the amateur chemist's mobile home was on fire
    He was cooking his stuff
    when he started to puff
    on a cigarette and set the lab afire.

    With our trucks from the station we barged.
    With our hoses laid waiting to be charged.
    But the pumps wouldn't prime
    It just took too much time
    We could not save it with the little water we sparged.

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    When it comes to big hoses we flow 'em
    When it comes to the standards we know 'em
    But it seems that this thread
    Is near clinically dead
    Because most of us can't write a poem.
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    "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.Ē
    --General James Mattis, USMC

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    There once was a man from the Parish,
    Whose family he didn't much cherish.
    "Don't try to hard!"
    "Just stand in the yard!"
    "Oh well if my family should perish."
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    "A fire department that writes off civilians faster than an express line of 6 reasons or less is not progressive, it's dangerous, because it's run by fear. Fear does not save lives, it endangers them." -- Lt. Ray McCormack FDNY

    "Because if you don't think you're good, nobody else will." -- DC Tom Laun (ret) Syracuse

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    I said it once and I shall say it again.. I love poetry
    Do not let the ghosts of our fallen brothers gaze upon you and ask " What have you done to my profession?" FTB DTRT EGH

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    Some guys on the firefighter forum
    showed a total lack of decorum
    they were short and curt
    and ---------- got butthurt
    but one whiner does not make a quorum
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