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Thread: Which post should I join?

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    Default Which post should I join?

    Here's my little problem. See, there's three explorer posts near me and I am wondering which one I should join.

    Here's a list:

    Pasco County Fire Rescue (Rural and suburban)

    Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (Mostly Suburban)

    Tampa Fire Rescue (Urban)

    Any past experience in these departments, any recommendations?

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    When I was looking, I joined the one in my neighboring town (I'm now a firefighter). I choose because it was still close (my town has an internship program but I had to 16) and I have family on my department. So I would recommend looking at travel time ( if you can go on calls the closer is better); If you know anyone on the departments; how professional they are; and if you fit in with them.
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