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    Default Baofeng UV-5R Dual-Band Portable

    Hey Guys,
    My dept just ordered/bought 5 Baofeng UV-5R portables off of ebay, and they came at a pretty good price. it is FCC Type 90 certified, and VHF/UHFdual band. its only $35 bucks, and for the price, it looks like a nice unit, and i was considering buying one for myself. but, before i did, i wanted too see if and other depts or firefighters across the country are using this unit for a fire portable. im only a cadet, and i wont be up close and personal with the fire, but it still says in the dept by-laws that cadets need a radio, and its a good idea for anyone on an active fireground/scene to be able to contact IC at anytime. so, if anyone uses/has/knows if it is good for emergency use, lemme know if you would.

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    Go over to radioreference.com and check out some of the comments on this radio in the forums.

    I know I wouldn't trust my safety or reliable communications to a $35 radio, however.
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    most reviews are actually quite good......only consistent con would be comments regarding difficulties manually programming.......appears to be a good back-up or 'car stash' radio, but if your department requires radios, then why are they not supplying it to you??!! As noted above, I carry my issue radio and have great confidence it'll work for me when I need it most. I don't have that same level of confidence in a 'throw-away'.

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    There's a few local volly depts around where I live that have used them and I have heard all good things about them..but like what was said above..if you do alot of interior attack, I wouldnt be able to rest easy with that strapped to me..gotta go with something a little more well known and proven.

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    Why do cadets/juniors/explorers come on here and ask about radios and pagers and other equipment that their FD should be supplying them? If this cadet is supposed to have a radio by department policy then they should issue him one.

    Further, I still am of the opinion they have no business on an emergency scene, but if they are there most assuredly they need to be under the DIRECT supervision of a full firefighter, with a radio. So once again, why would a cadet need a radio?

    Frankly, I think this is just more I want to be cool and have my own radio nonsense.
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