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    Default What's It Worth To You?

    I am currently involved in research on reciprocating saw blades to find one that will cut through Advanced Steels such as Boron and Martensite. Currently there isn't any good performer saw blade among all of them that are out there.

    My research to this point involved evaluating 26 different blades against thin and thick sections of Boron in vehicle B-pillars. I have learned some remarkable things already and will be reporting on this project at Firehouse Expo during one of my two conference presentations.

    Two major manufacturers are actively assigning their engineering staff to research, re-design, and come up with an Advanced Steel-capable recip saw blade. I've already seen great results from the prototype blades I've received for testing.

    How much would you pay for a recipe saw blade that has been designed, built, and tested to be able to cut through Boron and other Advanced Steels? $5 a blade? $10 each? Remember the alternative is purchasing a new $5,000 - $8,500 power cutter unit.
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    A special blade is worth nothing to me. We have found that running the sawzall at lower RPM, switching out a couple of blades and lubricating the cut is about the only method that cuts the UHSS. I would rather just use high PSI cutters or avoid the UHSS areas. Fancy expensive blades will just be a hard sell, since you'll be burning through them on scene and training, and after 500 or so $10 blades you could have just bought a cutter anyways.
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    I don't think $5-10 a blade is bad for a better blade. It's going to take quite a while to use a significant number of blades for most dept's. And most can't afford multiple cutters, so a better sawzall blade is a good option.

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