Hi Guys out there!

My name's Szabolcs. I'm writing from Budapest,Hungary (EU). I'm a wholetime firefighter in Budapest for 5 years. My dream is to become a US firefighter. Since i've become a FF here, I'm trying to get a job in the States (to get a visa) and after that i can start as a volunteer there. But it's not as easy as i thought I've tried the army, some live-in programs etc. The answers aéways the same. First i have to have a visa. The easiest way is to find an employer who needs me ... but it's impossible. I've tried the visa lottery too. But i was unlucky and I haven't been selected. But I never will give up my dream.
If you can give me any advice I would be very greatfull. If you're interested in our firefighting equipments, tactics, etc just write it down.

Stay safe !!!!!!