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Thread: Self-Defense for 1st responders

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    Default Self-Defense for 1st responders

    Has anyone done any training or know of any tips or resources for this topic?

    There are always news stories about medics getting assaulted, injured, killed; its only getting worse.

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    Get with the police and have them give you a few classes

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    Do you have an SOP of staging for certain calls so that PD secures the scene for you. They have guns, thats much better than trying to kung fu your way out of a situation.

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    Our PD has run some classes on combative patients for us. Great tips and techniques. Actually the day they held our class we ended up using a compliance hold on a meth head that evening.

    Our PD told us that if attacked on scene, no holds barred... they will support us using any tool, (legal) weapon, or O2 bottle that we have to break contact with the aggressor. Our PD is good about advising us to stage on scene and clearing us to enter when needed. One big unhappy family.
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    Unfortunately I think this is going to become more common in the near future.

    IMO we need to be in close coop with PD and watch our own behinds.

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    You would be much better served taking classes on situational awareness and ways to recognize things may be going south than taking self defense classes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisE34a View Post
    You would be much better served taking classes on situational awareness and ways to recognize things may be going south than taking self defense classes.
    They would go hand in hand very well together.

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