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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the "leader usar" helmets. They claim to cover use for multiple types of rescue situations. My department has a limited budget but we are trying to better equip our guys for different situations without having two different types of helmets (water vs working from height). The types of rescue incidents we normally encounter are vehicles down embankments and water rescues.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    They look pretty cool. What's the cost? I'd be interesting in buying one to try out.
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    We have them. Nice upgrade from previous models we used. Comfortable and light weight. Only draw back is the reflective pieces on the helmet are designed to be removed for different helmet uses. They get lost quick. Helmet functions fine without them. We stopped looking for them after they were taken off and misplaced. They are adjustable via ratchet system. The eye shields aren't bad, aren't great. I would recommend them.

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    We like them.They solved a musical helmets problem we were having when operating our Honda Big Red UTV.We use it on search and rescue (skid unit)Wildland firefighting (70 gallon skid unit) and swiftwater rescue when towing our raft trailer /inflatable for launch in remote areas.Too many helmets to keep up with.The UTV operators can move into the above mention operations without switching helmets.There still fairly new but holding up well.I wonder about some of those euro standards vs DOT.
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