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    Default NYS Mutual Aid Laws

    I am trying to find out what the laws are in NY in terms of riding with a volunteer dept if I have a letter allowing it from my Chief in NJ
    Would this be allowed by the NY Dept even though I am from out of state?

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    Normally it is the policy of the dept you are trying to ride with

    What the requirements are

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire49 View Post
    Normally it is the policy of the dept you are trying to ride with

    What the requirements are
    Doubt there would be a law regarding that issue.

    It more than likely is up to the Chief of the Department.

    As far as training certifications, I know that in the past I was able to transfer several out of state training certs to NY. However, that was several years ago and may or may not still be the case.
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    Also re reading

    There are two terms

    Mutual aid

    Ride out

    Does he just want to ride along

    Or ride and fight fire???

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    Mutual Aid I believe would have nothing to do with it. It is more of a case of the NY FD excepting the training that you have in what is needed here in NY. The final decision is up to Chief in the end. In my FD it has to be approved by the membership.
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    Mutual aid has nothing to do with what is being asked here. Mutual aid involves agencies, not individuals.

    As Fitguy points out, it's up to the department/authority having jurisdiction. If you meet their requirements, you may be good to go.

    Just riding along is one thing. If you are going to actually fight fire, then some manner of recognition of your status is necessary. The biggest issue will have to do with what happens if you are injured. If you are injured in an apparatus accident, and have been authorized to ride, the insurance will probably cover you, although comp may well still be an issue.

    If you're injured with a hose in your hand (so to speak), that's a whole 'nother can of worms, which may involve both the department you're riding with, and your home agency.

    Within NY, a volunteer firefighter whose "services" are accepted by the officer in charge of the incident is covered. Sometimes if a firefighter will be in another jurisdiction on a regular basis, this acceptance may be formalized via a letter, or by the firefighter being made an "associate" of the second department. In NY, a firefighter may not belong to more than one volunteer fire department.
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