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    How difficult would it be to win funding for a smoke/burn trailer for a volunteer dept that makes 125 runs annually with 10 structure fires? We would also make a strong cast that the unit would be available for the other 18 depts. in the county.

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    You never know
    As you say play it up that others will use it

    Also apply to firehouse subs, they provide funds to purchase stuff

    Do not be shy we got around 14,000

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    Slim to none. Burn trailers aren't really going places unless there's no live burn capabilities within 100-200 miles. It would have to be a regional effort as a Training grant coupled with all other 18 departments, and possibly other items needed to handle training classes like money for instructors, manuals, etc, etc, etc.

    Even if all that is done there aren't more than 1-2 that get funded per year in recent history, and even that might be high. If there's no other project that might score higher by default, then have at it and make the best case you can for it.
    Brian P. Vickers
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    Yeah I would have to agree with BC79er here; money in program is just so lacking right now.
    Kurt Bradley
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    We are a small Volunteer department, and were fortunate to have an award for a Live Fire Training Trailer, however it was a regional application involving ten departments and as was eluded to in previous posts there are no training facilities in the region (fixed or mobile).
    Rick Gustad - Chief
    Platte Volunteer Fire Department

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