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    Default Surg Tech/Medical Assistant as EMT?

    Hey guys/girls. We have an application in for a new member who is currently a surgical tech and medical assistant in the state of PA. (All currents certs) She is applying for the EMS side. She asked if because of her advanced medical training if she would need to complete EMT certification within the state, and to be honest we have no clue. Our regional EMS director doesn't like to return phone calls so they are no help and I haven't been able to find anything anywhere else. Would any of you know anything about this?
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    Is emt required?

    If so than yes the person does

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    My guess would be yes she will have to take the EMT course & become state certified/ licensed.

    We've had RN's and Dr's want to join join and they were required to take the EMT course.
    Different skills and licensing requirements. Is Pennsylvania a national registry state?

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    I would call you state office of EMS for clarification. However, that being said, even people with advanced medical training are generally still required to attend an EMT class, or at minimum, challenge the EMT (or paramedic) tests.
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    In my state VA. Lpn, RN, and Physician assistants can challenge the state EMT-Basic test. If they pass written and practicals they will be certified as a State EMT-Basic. That's how it use to be when the state did its own testing. I dont know if this is still possible now that the state requires National registry and no longer does its own tests.

    I would contact your state dept of EMS, Regional council.

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    Great info!

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