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Thread: FIREteam test scores

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    Default FIREteam test scores

    I just recently took the FIREteam exam for a few local area departments and scored an 87.7% on the HR portion and an 83.84% on the mechanical. My reading and math were both 100's. I was just curious if anyone knew if that is a decent score or not. Or if it is likely to get me through to an interview. Thanks for any input.

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    From my experience and what I have heard from others, each dept sets their scores to move on however they like so it's impossible for one of us to say. Maybe it's listed on their website with a breakdown, or in the email invite? Just a thought. Some depts spell it out, some keep it a secret.

    Around here your score on the HR portion is usually the most important, and I think that's a good score that you have there. Also the mech, reading and math were all pass/fail (needed to be above a 70% I think), but didn't add much weight to your score. But like I said, every dept gets to set it up how they like.

    Best of luck moving on
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    Yeah, none of the dept's posted any info on what their own specific passing scores would be and I know they vary, just wondering on average what a passable score is.

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    If they follow FIREteams scoring then the human relations is worth 70% of your score and the mechanical is 30%. The math and reading are both pass/fail with a pass point of I think 70%. So, if that's the case, you got an 86.54. Whether or not that will move you on is up to the departments as was mentioned previously. Good luck and work on your mechanical!!

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