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Thread: Personality questions

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    Default Personality questions

    I just recently took a personality profile exam for a department and am second guessing myself on two of questions. They are (T)rue/(F)alse/(Y)es/(N)o. The first one "Have you ever stole anything, even as a child?" I selected Yes, due to the fact that when I was preteen, attending FireHouse expo in Baltimore with my father, there were books and magazines for sale at the expo, along with a lot of free literature being handed out. Through the excitement of receiving all of this free cool fire-related stuff I grabbed a book off a table. Once we got back to our hotel we were going through our literature and I noticed that a book that I grabbed had a price tag on it, my dad questioned me how I bought it, which I hadn't. We came to realization that in the heat of things I had mistakenly grabbed something "for sale" thinking it was free literature.

    So my question is...Will this show a negative effect on me, 15 years later?

    Next question was, "While at a vending machine you notice $2.00 extra in change fell after purschasing an item, would you keep it?" I am in no way someone who steals anything and if I were to find a purse, cellphone, large amount of cash somewhere I would try my best to find out whom it properly belongs to. Although I said that I would indeed keep the $2.00 extra in change.

    Was this wrong of my as well?

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    In regards to the stealing question, I think that is asking if you did so intentionally. It sounds like in your case it was a simple misunderstanding. It's not like you saw the book, saw the price tag, and said to yourself "I don't have the money, but I'm taking this anyway". With yours, it sounds like a mistake.

    In regards to the vending machine question, that is a good point. If the machine gives you an extra $2 in change, who exactly would you return that to? If it was with a cashier, I would return in it. But with a vending machine, how could you return it?
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    Little background: Depending on the type of psych test, some of them have built in questions that try to test whether you are lying or trying to make yourself look better. You can probably find some stuff online about these if you google it. And before anyone misunderstands me and jumps on my back, by googling it I don't mean go out and look for the "correct" answers (there aren't really correct answers for these types of tests). I just mean educating yourself on what the test looks for and what it does and doesn't evaluate.

    I have answered similar questions honestly in the past and haven't had a problem with the psych test. Basically it boils down to you answer them truthfully, because it's very hard to be consistently misleading on one of those tests or fool the test. That's why they are built this way. I wouldn't sweat it though.

    Just my experience...
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    And what per centage of children under 12 have not stolen/ taken something?

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    Well no worries, I heard "unofficially" that I passed!! Time to wait for the official say-so, and to top it off there were only 15 or so people whom applied!

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