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    Default Vehicle Grant Question?

    Hello All, I have a question about the vehicle grant process. I have only written 4 grants so far and was lucky enough to get an ops grant last for 2012 for SCBA, but haven't gotten so lucky with the vehicles. My question is: can we do a two for one vehicle request? We have a 1987 Ford open canopy rear cab engine and a 1987 International homemade 4 door engine, (was a dump truck we put a utility bed on and a gas powered pump with an 1 1/2" preconnect we use when the engine is broke down and for back up when it is working). The other two pieces we have are a 1952 Dodge brush truck and a 1988 AM General brush tanker. We were thinking that it would be beneficial to try to replace both the Ford engine and the International attack with one 4 door commercial cab engine. That would eliminate two pieces of our equipment and lower operating costs. Can we do something like this? Is there an area to say or put in the two different VIN numbers on the application? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Shane

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    Certainly sounds like a beneficial application. The only issue is that you won't receive any pre-panel scoring bonuses for this, but if you are fortunate enough to make peer review, you can expand upon this plan and heavily focus on it for the peer reviewers. Your justification about lower operating costs will have a heavy weight.

    Your fleet age seems competitive as well.

    In the request details section, you will have the opportunity to input the vehicle VIN(s) in the application.

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    That a Power Wagon? If it wouldn't cost me so much to get one and restore it I'd be all over it. Not the restoration part being the major expense, the divorce fees for me blocking the garage up with more stuff before the wife could park her car in it is what I can't afford....

    On subject, there isn't a spot to enter both VINs in the VIN text box, but in the description you can put both trucks and the VIN that doesn't fit. No one really looks at that stuff at Review, they're concentrating on the narrative. Age of fleet is up there, would give it a solid rating. Almost all of the truck awards we hit in 2012 were for over 25 year old replacements, fleet ages in the mid-20s and older. They're definitely tough needles to hit, 2012 was 100 awards out of 4400+ apps, so at best 200-250 made Peer. Don't leave anything to chance in a vehicle narrative, not enough funding to be short on an argument.

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    Thank You gentlemen for the info. I thought it was something we could do but wasn't sure. And BC79er, it is a Dodge M37. We modified it with a 283 Chevy V-8 and 4 speed and it runs really good now! And I understand bout the wife thing, I like it so much I bought one of my own and my wife doesn't seem to get it either!

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