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    Default Question about old SAFER grants

    I need information from anyone that received a previous SAFER grant for an LED sign. What percent of the display was that sign to display R&R information?

    Yes, I know that you cant get them any longer, so please don't tell me that. I'm working on a different project and just need some information from previous LED sign winners.

    Thank you for your help.

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    LED signs? Why, you can't get those... Oh, sorry.
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    AFG requires 75% of sign usage be for R&R. Signs can be awarded, but it like threading a needle on a running sewing machine. Jeff
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    Other than time and temp, ours always runs some kind or R&R statement

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    Yes you can still get them. Its allowable.. 75% of the time

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    Eligible yes, fundable no. LED Signs are such a low priority for many reasons that they have handed out maybe 2 in the past 3 years. For the cost there are more effective ways to advertise that don't require people to drive by the fire station in order to receive said message. Or take their eyes off of the road.

    Sort of like station generators in AFG, they're eligible, just so low priority it's only worth applying if the choices are generator or not applying at all. Anything else you could ask for beats generators and LED Signs in their respective programs, so better asking for that something else than these things.

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    I got one last year for an R&R but, you cannot simply ask them for the sign....as bc79er said, eligible but not fundable on its own. You have to make it part of a much larger and comprehensive R&R program and not make it the main focus of your request. Let's face it... signs by themselves do nothing if there is not an active recruiter waiting inside to accept an application.
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