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    We don't do overtime. If we did, captains and above (we don't have lieutenants) are overtime exempt.
    You might want to get a legal opinion (if you haven't already) regarding your captains being overtime exempt. If they are working as company officers, then they probably aren't exempt from overtime pay other than for the application of the 7(K) exemption in the FLSA.

    Pittsburgh just wrapped up a lawsuit on the matter a couple months ago. The City wasn't paying it's LTs and Captains OT rate for specific hours worked in which a line firefighter would've been paid at OT rate. Can't remember off hand if it was a verdict or settlement, but the company officers prevailed and got back pay plus the change going forward.

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    We work a 42 hour week. Those 2 hours per week count as OT rate and we get cycle time to bring it down to 40,that comes to 3 ,3 day tricks off per year as cycle time.

    Regular OT would be to,fill I on the opposite shift either a ten hour day or a 14 hour night. I get about ten of those OT's per year.

    So anything over 40 hours per week is OT.

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    We work 24/48 with no Kelly days, anything over 53 hours in a week is OT.
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