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    Default Multi-Purpose Tool Review

    I am not a fan of tools that try to do multiple things and don't do anything well, however....

    We are equipping a series of new type 3 engines. We are trying to figure out what tools to put on some slide tool racks (space is limited as these are multi-role engines). Our new trucks do have a full compliment of traditional wildland tools that we are planning to put on the top of the truck as we don't see us needing to rapidly deploy with them immediately, we can take the 60 seconds to get to them. We would however like something we can grab and build a scratch line if needed. We are looking at some of the new combi multipurpose wildland tools that are on the market and looking for any real world feedback.


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    I've seen the Mclaski in person, it is interesting and possibly useful for a non primary firefighter (prevention rig or chiefs truck), but I wouldn't put one on an engine.

    It is hard to beat the classic and well proven Pulaski, Mcleod, shovel combo. Bent shovels have made huge inroads in recent years largely displacing the Mcleod in many areas. Assuming from your location of Iowa grass is your primary fuel bed? If so a couple of scraping tools (bent, Mcleod, combi-tool) backed up with a Pulaski should cover your needs better than a gimmicky combination tool, and you will probably spend about the same for three tools as one Mclaski tool.

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    Here is what you as far as hand tools go.

    Rouge Hoe

    Screw multi tools they are a joke, trust me.
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