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    Question Bidding process for station projects

    Hi everyone, here is my question. What is your policy regarding bids for improvements at your fire company? We receive funding from our township on a yearly basis that is deposited into our general fund. Our township is a second class township. Do we have to follow the state of PA's bidding process like our township does? Or can our board of directors create our own policy similar to the states? Currently if we are replacing lights, replacing the roof, making upgrades, etc. we get 3 bids in writing and our board makes a recommendation to our membership for approval for any given project. Let me know what your fire department does, especially if your in a 2nd class township like we are. Thanks!

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    Who owns the building?

    If the municipality owns the building, then you'll have to bid it out.

    If you own the building, then you'll need to know what the requirements are for your type of organization and there may well be some.

    I'm not in PA, so I don't know your specifics.

    That said - it would behoove you to have a purchasing policy, in writing.

    From $0-??? a designated officer can make a purchase without approvals (ie, little stuff).

    From $??? to $??? three documented verbal quotes are required (we have a form on which to document same.

    From $??? to $??? you need written quotes. Same form can be used.

    Over $??? you must go out to bid. In our case, the difference between written quotes and bids is that the bids are sealed and opened at a designated time.

    But we're a fire district, so we are subject to audit.

    It wouldn't hurt to use the same guidelines/procedures that your township uses.

    Going for written quotes or sealed bids can make contractors sharpen their pencils a bit.

    Before doing all of that, however, you'll need a written description of what you want done (or to buy). Tat evens the playing field and helps ensure that if you want, say, a certain type of lighting, you'll get it. If you work off verbal descriptions, you might end up with a low quote/bid that isn't what you want because the contractor didn't interpret the requirement the same way you did.

    But that's pretty much what you said, so you're on the right track.
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    If the funding from your town is for the building and comes from public taxpayers....you have to follow a govt process. If you fund raise for your building costs...you can follow less restrictions.

    Best suggestion....ask your fire company attorney (if you have one) and/or your town's attorney. Wouldn't hurt to get the opinion of your accountant either (if you have one).
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    Don't you have a county attourny or something that can give you a legal opinion?? That's what we do in Ohio.

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