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    Default Des Moines Fire Department

    Anyone testing for Des Moines Fire? I took the CPAT and the written test myself. I had taken that test before once so I am confident I passed it I am just not sure how well I did on it. Anyone know how many they are hiring and if they give preference to people with Medic already or are they looking for someone they can put through their own Paramedic Program? I have done research on their department page but there isn't a lot of information on it. Anyone know how many people are testing? Good Luck to everyone involved!

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    I am taking the test this week, been through the CPAT and many written tests before. Not sure on how many are being hired, 4-8? As far as preference for medics, i have no idea. I know they do send recruits through a medic program if needed so it may not matter. Good luck!

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