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    Default Can I take exam without being fully qualified?

    A local fire department near me is doing an entry exam in October. the only thing is I don't have my FF1 certification(which they require) I already got my CPAT and the other little things they ask for. Questions is....will they let me take their test? I know it's a long shot for them to even consider me....but I've never taken a fire fighter exam before. I'm barely doing my EMT-B. I just want to start practing test taking for future departments. So is it worth my time taking it or should I pass on it?

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    If they will let you take the test take it

    We have that within in so many months of graduation

    The hiring process takes a few months, so by the time it matters the person will either have passed or failed

    Anything on their web site or in the announcement to clarify it??

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    You will need to meet the minimum requirements. Do not waste your time if you do not meet the MQ's.
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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