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    It looks like Hopewell, VA is hiring. Can't find much info about the department online, anyone familiar with the department who can chime in on staffing, call volume, morale, etc?

    I know I can call the department directly, which I will be doing, but have gotten a lot of valuable information from these forums in the past. Thanks!

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    A couple of the guys I volunteer with work there. Seems to be a pretty good department, although it is small (2 stations, staffing a quint, couple of engines and an ambulance). A lot of industry and factories in part of the city, whereas the other portion is mainly single-family-residential with the usual mix of multi-family and multi-story mixed in for good measure. They're part of the "Tri-Cities" area (Hopewell, Colonial Heights, and Petersburg) and do mutual and automatic aid with the surrounding cities and counties as well.
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