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    Default New Leather Boots Break-In Question

    Hey all,

    I jut got a pair of the older style Warrington 4000's. When I say the old style, I mean the style with the pull on strap having one side sewn to the boot on the outside of the upper and the other side of the pull strap sewn on to the inside of the upper. The problem is that the pull strap that is sewn on the inside is rubbing my leg raw. Any helpful info on how to break these in so that it isn't such a pain? Other than that part of the boot these are fantastically comfortable.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Wear pants underneath?
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    lol, of course. The pull straps are rubbing on my pants which are rubbing me raw, should have clarified.

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    Duct tape? The pulls

    Duct your leg

    Thicker socks

    Tape your leg

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    Who are you, Popeye? Do you have to roll the boot on like a rubber? Never had a problem with that part of the boot. Sometimes the tags sewn in scratch my leg for about the first two weeks, but I guess I'm in them enough that it doesn't last long.

    Maybe wrap some curlex around the handle and tie it off until the boot breaks in. Don't use duct tape, eventually it will come up and pull every hair out of your legs. Even after you take the tape off it leaves a sticky film that will irritate you to no end.

    Or, find where the strap is making a sharp corner when your in them, then take the boot off and file or sand that area real good. Try to stay away from the stitching.

    Are you pulling the boot on and cramming the strap back in there?

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